Bangkok Condo Market Booming – Great Deals on Offer!

Bangkok’s real estate market has witnessed remarkable changes over the last few years with the boom in condo market, making it one of the most desirable investment destinations for property investors across the world. There are currently several great deals and incentives that make Bangkok an excellent place to invest in a condo.


The demand for condominiums in Bangkok has been on the rise, and developers are taking advantage of this by building more properties to cater to the growing demand from locals, as well as foreign investors. Thanks to the expanding infrastructure, tourism industry, and rising economy, the condo market in Bangkok has seen an increase in both rental and purchasing prices.

In 2018, over 64,000 new units were launched in Bangkok, offering a diverse range of properties for buyers to choose from. With the supply of new condos constantly increasing, buyers can take advantage of competition between developers to get better pricing terms, location preference, and a wide range of unit sizes and types.

For investors who are looking for affordability and luxury at the same time, Bangkok is the right place to be. The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low when compared to other Asia-Pacific locations, and the condo market in Bangkok offers a range of affordable properties with modern facilities, spacious rooms, and other necessary amenities.

Investment Opportunities

Properties in Bangkok start from as low as 40,000 – 60,000 Baht per square meter, which is considerably lower than the average price per square meter in other major cities across the globe. Investors have also been enticed by the many incentives and facilities offered by developers, including rental guarantees, guaranteed buyback options, and flexible payment plans.

The Bangkok condo market is booming, with many great deals on offer that are worth exploring. For both homeowners and investors, buying a condo in Bangkok is a smart move as prices are expected to increase. Investing in Bangkok’s real estate market presents an excellent opportunity to maximize profitability while enjoying the lifestyle that Bangkok has to offer.

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