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Bangkok’s Real Estate Market During COVID-19: Resilience and Adaptation

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted economies and industries worldwide, and the real estate sector is no exception. Bangkok, one of Asia's flourishing business hubs, saw its real estate market face a multitude of challenges during these uncertain times. However, the sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptation, showcasing its ability to navigate through crisis situations. Impact The initial...

Bangkok Condo Market Booming – Great Deals on Offer!

Bangkok’s real estate market has witnessed remarkable changes over the last few years with the boom in condo market, making it one of the most desirable investment destinations for property investors across the world. There are currently several great deals and incentives that make Bangkok an excellent place to invest in a condo. Demand The demand for condominiums in Bangkok has been on the rise, and...

The cost of living is going up

When moving to a new country, expats may stress that the inflationary cost is way too high. The cost of living in many of the APAC countries is somewhat budget-friendly for expats, although this may differ from city to city, depending on which Asia-Pacific country you choose to live in. A multifaceted response, including enhancing the rate of interest, is required to prevent an upward spiral of cost...

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