Choosing the Best International Institution for your young ones

Moving your household to one more country is an interesting experience, yet it includes challenges. Chief amongst them is locating an ideal global college for your kids near your new home. Normally you’ll want the best possible type of education that’s feasible in your new area. A school where your kids will clear up well, make good friends, and most significantly enjoy.

Throw in a totally new city and also institution system on top of those standards, and no wonder several new deportee moms and dads feel a little overwhelmed by the circumstance. While we can not make the all important institution decision for you, we can offer some useful information to direct you. Below is what you need to know to guarantee you pick the ideal international school for your kids.

But before we move on…first things first …


Exactly how to select the institution may not seem very essential, but it needs to be the first piece of information that you check off from your checklist. Why? Numerous worldwide institutions have waiting lists, and also some will not permit kids to sign up mid-way through the university year. So check the application procedure before you get caught up in the remarkable extra-curricular activities on offer, or the fantastic examination results the pupils attain.

Make a note of application due dates as well as any type of paperwork needed, and guarantee you have all the documentation prepared well beforehand. It’s not uncommon for international colleges to request main grade records, and the a lot more popular colleges might need brand-new students to rest an entrance exam. Remember that waiting checklists can be lengthy – it’s an excellent idea to start your school search and also applications a year or more ahead of your relocation if you can.

Costs and also Costs

For several expat family members the determining factor in their selection of worldwide institution is the cost. If the budget plan is an important factor to consider for you, then we may have an issue; ‘yearly costs’ do not mirror the full price of sending your young ones to college. Several colleges charge an extra enrolment cost for the first year, and also, the annual costs frequently increase per academic year.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your employer cover part of these fees, then you have a little better set of circumstances. Nevertheless, you should consider the total price per year (and also per child) by calculating this right into your spending plan. Some specific colleges may supply a complete breakdown for you, or you can find it on your own on via the college’s website.

Incidentally, most colleges’ additional charges vary extremely across the globe. If you have an option of cities to relocate to, you should do some research online and take a look at the varied expense reports that are publicly available (we feel for you if you’re relocating to Shanghai).

Educational program and also Principles

When you have actually located all of the worldwide institutions within your budget, your next priority will not only be to see the educational program(s) that are administered there but also the principles of the institution. Firstly, see what the languages are top priority. The most popular language of direction in worldwide colleges is English, however many cities will certainly have a French Lycee and also perhaps a German college too.

If your young ones aren’t English speakers, make certain there is a program in position to get them up to speed in time for their introductory day. Consider lessons for the nation’s regional language as well, as well as always check if the educators are proficient – or better yet, indigenous – native speakers of the language being used there.

Next off, you will be required to pick an educational program; the usual selections are the International Baccalaureate, or the national English or American educational program (plus various other national ones). Smaller international colleges will just educate one; however bigger institutions might have an option of two, or in some cases a few more. Base your choice on what curriculum your child was instructed on before your move; where you may transfer to in future, as well as where they may wind up studying at for their college degree. Uniformity is essential.

It’s additionally essential to take a look at class sizes, pupil demographics, and the general values and strategies to learning at the school. A tiny class might imply your young ones may try to garner interest on their own; however, bigger classes aren’t necessarily negative if the school has added support with more substitute teachers (for both gifted students and also those with special requirements).

A variety of races allows your young ones to engage with various societies from a very early age; and also, it boosts the possibility of them making pals from their native country.

When it comes to principles, all of it comes down to your very own personal choice; what importance do you wish to instill in your young ones? Do you desire religion to be a part of their lives? Look for the institution that finest aligns with your selections.


Next off on the checklist of essential elements to consider is ‘logistics’. Just how far is the college from your residence and your place of work? What will the commute be like? Does the institution offer bus transfers, or will you be required to send them off using public (or your very own) transportation? If you don’t yet fully have a grasp on where you’ll be living, then check out typical rentals in the area surrounding the school. If you will be dependent on having the school bus solution, find out what routes they serve and include that right into the equation.

Don’t forget to check the school’s opening hours too and factor this into your ‘typical day’. Bear in mind, lots of international schools encourage before/after college activities, so if the courses finish at 3pm, your child might not need to leave until later on during the middle of the day; which suggests that you might be able to pick them up on from your workplace. The same applies to morning hours.

One more detail to think about is their lunch. Does the college supply dishes or will your kid need to bring his/her own? If they do provide lunch, are the options that they provide sanitary and healthy? Do they cater for special dietary requirements, if your child has any?

Your Child’s Demands

Although all of the above are crucial considerations when selecting a college, there is one point that supersedes them all; and that is your young one’s very own needs. Your main concern is making sure your child gets the very best education and learning, as it should be. But he/she would be a lot more worried regarding making good friends, having a good time and also (probably) not having excessive homework! So do not neglect to go over the subject with them and ensure he/she is likewise enthusiastic regarding your selection of college.

Take your kid’s toughness as well as weaknesses into account. You’ll need to account for this when you’re searching for the right one. Are they innovative? Do they enjoy sporting activities? Do they have an energetic mindset? Search for colleges that will certainly motivate their stamina, as well as help them work with overcoming any weaknesses that they may have.

Selecting an institution that you assume they’ll enjoy is a far better technique than it is to choose the one that’s in your cost range.

The Browse

So, currently you recognize exactly what sort of institution you’re trying to find and also what criteria it ought to satisfy. However, exactly how do you locate it? Getting in touch with the right amount of info and details on the plethora of colleges out there can be quite challenging, especially when they are situated in an unknown city or country. Fortunately, that’s where we come in! If you happened to stumble across this article because you are planning on moving to Thailand (or have just moved), then our property search can facilitate your search. We have a special search criteria that allows you to search for a residence in close proximity to an international school/college.

We recommend that you initially compile list of all the international colleges in the Thai city you plan to move to. After that, you can create a short list of 3 or 4 colleges based on your own requirements (budget plan, area, curriculum etc.). Next, you ought to go out and survey them. Write some notes on what to ask, what to try to find, and what to do when seeing International Schools for your young ones.

If after the visits you have a positive feeling concerning one of the colleges, then that’s an excellent feeling indeed. If your child does as well, then that’s a double victory. Mission accomplished!

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