Enjoy All the Convenience of Living Near the BTS System

The BTS runs through the most popular shopping and business areas in Bangkok. Home Connect also has condos that are near the BTS.

What makes it convenient?

Browse through the listings on Thaimax Property and find a condo to rent or buy near the BTS transit system.

The BTS has been a valuable addition to Bangkok’s various transportation systems ever since it was launched in 1999. But few people realised back then how important the train would become to Bangkok’s property market.

As the population of the city rose, and traffic became steadily worse, the value of a rail transit system high above the crowded streets became obvious. Property values in the areas around the system’s stations began to steadily rise as their value became apparent.

Today, practically all developers treat the proximity to the BTS system as a feature of the condos they are renting and selling. And they charge more for the units closest to the BTS system and the newer MRT system.

Several developers in and around the Sukhumvit area also provide shuttle transport from their condos to the closest station.  This is simply to spare their tenants from having to walk or take public transportation to and from their condos. Proximity to a railway station has become as important as a swimming pool, underground parking or a fitness center.

Competition is Good for Prospective Residents

The areas around the rail stations have been snapped up by developers, and more and more condos have been built. Because of this, the developers have begun competing with each other to attract buyers and tenants.

This puts a prospective buyer or renter in a very advantageous position. As the competition has increased, so have the amenities offered by the developers. While a pool, parking and fitness center is a must these days, prospective tenants shouldn’t be surprised if they come across condo developments containing spas, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, dry cleaners and convenience stores.

The areas along Sukhumvit Road have become prized neighborhoods that have attracted fine dining restaurants, expensive boutiques and favored nightspots.

The rail system has turned the Sukhumvit Road area into the favorite haunt of locals and expats alike. They enjoy both the convenience and excitement of living in such a dynamic and lively area of the city.

ThaiMax Property Offers the Condo of Your Dreams

ThaiMax Property has hundreds of condos available for both purchase and rental in the vicinity of rapid transit railway stations all over Bangkok as well as the Sukhumvit area.

There are multiple bedroom units close to great international schools that are ideally suited for families. Single-bedroom units with the development’s amenities, fit the career working couple’s busy lifestyle.

Each of the condo units listed has something to offer every persons’ lifestyle and needs. Find out for yourself the convenience and ease that a condo near a rapid transit rail station can offer.

To find the perfect condo within reach of convenient transportation, rely on the quality listings of Home Connect.

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