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Anyone who wants to either buy or sell Real Estate.  It doesn’t mean that you need to be a professional; such as an agent or a broker.  If you’re a landlord and you want to list your property on our platform, then we welcome you. 

We partner with a diverse number of companies to bring about the latest digital advancements in the Real Estate space, and those who want to see massive growth in this ever-changing market.  If you are someone who is a proponent of the new Metaverse revolution that’s occurring, then you definitely would want to side with us in this endeavor since our platform will soon be providing the tools to make this possible.

When you’ve clicked on our properties’ page and the Half-map search page loads with all of the properties on the right had side, you’ll notice that each property has three icons on the lower right-hand corner of the image (see screenshot below as a referrence). 

You can add as many properties as you like to the slide-out compare sidebar.  The properties you add will remain there regardless of how many searches you perform. 

If you’ve added properties to the Compare Listings sidebar that slides in and out from the right hand side, and you’re befuddled as to how to clear those out so as to compare more, then hang tight cause we were in the same dilemma as you when we first tried it.  There’s a small circular ‘white X’ on the right hand corner of each property image.  Some people can’t spot it right away because it’s a bit small.  Just click on it, and the property will disappear.

We realize that the different types of roles can create some confusion.  We’re here to bring some clarity to this question.  Below is a chart that highlights the capabilities of each role.  The terminology might be different for some when considering the terms owner, seller and manager, but I’m sure most of you will be able to attribute a similar term that conveys the same meaning (e.g. Landlord, etc).

You can accrue points as a paid member of our site. These points can be later redeemed and used to purchase goods and services from those with whom we’ve partnered with. To register, please use our LINE account, by clicking here.

When Adding A new listing

3mb is the maximum image size.  We recommend that you optimize your images prior to uploading them onto our platform.

The maximum is 40 images per listing.  The maximum upload size for attachments is 14mb combined.  We’ve set these limits as a way to maintain optimal performance of the site and avoid latency issues.  These limits are subject to change as we continue to scale out our environment.

The recommended image size is 2000 x 700 px. You can use bigger and smaller images but keep the same height to width ratio; otherwise the images will look distorted (one taller than the other as you flip through the carousel). 

You’ll need to acquire the embed code that we share with you (see 360 virtual services for more info).  Once you have that code, then all you need to do is enter it in in the section that’s indicated in the form (see screenshot below).

After you click ‘submit property’ it will automatically appear on the property page.  Let us know if it doesn’t.

We have moderators that make sure that all submissions abide by our policies.  Since this is inclusive of the free trial as well, we want to make sure (for security reasons) that nothing inappropriate gets sent our way.  Our approval process usually takes less than 30 minutes.  If we experience a high volume of submissions, then it may take a little longer.

No. Only fill in the fields that are pertinent to the property that you want to list. Once you publish it, then only the fields that you publish are what’s going to be visible to those viewing the property.  The only required fields are the ones listed below…

  • Title
  • Sale / Rent Price
  • Area size
  • Map address
  • District

No, you cannot. If you submit it in Thai, then our moderators will not approve it. The default language we use for all our listings is English. However, if you would like to have the added bonus of having it in Thai, then please consider upgrading your package to Gold. Our team of translators will add your published listings to our Thai queue.

We’ve left this entirely up to you. Whatever method that will allow you to later query your inventory of properties in the easiest way possible. We use the following methodology:

  • HC – multi
  • HT – sing house
  • CD – condo
  • AP – apartment
  • SP – serviced apartment
  • LD – land
  • OF – office

For example, ‘TMX(agency/agent initials)-HT-0001‘ is one of the naming method we recommend. There are so many variations that you can use based off of this one example that we feel confident you’ll conform similarly. If you plan to change this later down the road, then you’ll need to make sure to update all the previous listings you entered in.

TMX will always be the prefix. This cannot be changed. This is the Thaimax marker we use to track all our database entries. 

This is a very important question. You need to enter it in without a comma (e.g. instead of 180,000, enter it in as 180000). If you enter it in with a comma, then it would not show up in the search results if you filter by price.

Privacy / Terms & Conditions

Yes, of course.  You just need to send us a request in order to do so.  Please email us at ‘’ and specify your user account.

We are not entitled to access or use any of the information that you put in our platform. This is exclusively your information, and you are the only one who is entitled to it. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.

Yes, we highly recommend that you do.  Not only because you are protecting your digital assets, but due to the new government requirements that all Real Estate companies must abide by.

We’re here to promote a healthy form of competition among agencies and agents. Therefore, in so doing, you’re bound to encounter duplicates on our platform because home owners may have hired more than one agency to sell their home or condo. As long as our members abide by the submission rules (e.g. unique property ID, watermark, etc), then their property will appear on our portal, regardless of the fact that it is the same property.

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