How secure is your real estate data?

Exactly how can you guarantee your realty data’s safety and security in 2022

Review our comprehensive data security guide for real estate professionals to guarantee your very own online protection.

We stated in our blog that your spread sheet as well as image folder need to be a lot more like an asset consisting of your core real-estate tools, rather than a time-sensitive liability dragging down your organization.

These ineffectiveness can be a threat to your organization, triggering:
Lost opportunities
Awkward apologies to your customers
Information violations
as well as more

Information violations can be triggered by a number of factors, including:
Phishing rip-offs
Stolen digital information
Shed and/or damaged documents

Plus the most painful data breach, out of every one of them, would be a representative just walking away with your very own spread sheet as well as image folder– as that’s where all your leads, clients, listings, representative, and also co-broking data are kept insecurely.

Shedding this would suggest losing your data that is conveniently scattered in mobile & easy-to-copy layouts.

Great residential or commercial property photo! Too bad it isn’t Watermarked …

A best method to secure on your own against the data violations stated above would certainly be to make use of a central, cloud-hosted system to safely store and also handle your information.

Cloud data-hosting services are currently contending for enterprise-level clients, suggesting that whether you’re an independent broker or a tiny group, you have the ability to obtain the same degree of data security as big business, such as Samsung or SCB, enabling you to obtain firewall defense, encryption, back-ups, and also accessibility monitoring.

Boost online security for your real estate organization today.
See just how Thaimax Property can aid you below.
You may be thinking to on your own “However I already keep my spreadsheet and picture folder on the cloud with solutions like Google Drive and also Dropbox, isn’t that secure sufficient?”

To address that idea, think to on your own about:
That has the login details/credentials?
Do you rely on everyone who has access to those qualifications?
Those who have the same qualifications have the ability to modify, remove, as well as also duplicate ever before detail & image pertaining to the very same realty service

Making use of cloud-based storage space is only the beginning.

Imagine having pad locks on all the doors and windows of your home or condominium.  Perhaps even a high-end safety system installed; but does all that prevent someone from entering  your space?  How would you react if upon arriving to your home you found everything has been knocked over in disarray?

Now envision all of individuals who currently have your login qualifications (to your Google Drive or Dropbox) as the same individuals who have ignored access to your home, along with access to your personal valuables inside also.

If you’re permitting those to enter your locked home and access your valuables, it coincides as allowing those with your on the internet login qualifications to gain access to every information of your company including your leads, clients, listings, representatives, and also co-brokerages.

If this is your case, you have a few options to consider:
Keep all of it secured; but you might find yourself ‘rushing back to the house’ every single time someone needs access.
Offer everyone the access they deserve, and wish for the most effective outcome.
Try and also let our platform arrange and also protect your organization details with our user-friendly cloud-based platform.

Producing a brand-new listing with ThaiMax Property offers you the ability to manage all the information that you would like your employee, representatives, co-brokers, and customers to view/share concerning your listings.

Agent jobs

You likewise be offered a web link to designate each listing to a representative, permitting those appointed functions to have:

Quick sight by clicking their customer profile
Their very own account with alternatives to adjust, comment, and also re-assign their listings
All enabled from one basic and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Thaimax Property is built using the latest cloud technology.  Our goal to streamline your information and protect it using a straightforward dashboard that alerts us to any potential threat; thereby enabling you to put your main focus on keeping track of & assigning your team/inventory in the direction of the best possibilities.

Our system additionally consists of the capacity to automatically add your own watermark onto your photos (protecting your IP!) and having control over who has access to your company’s core information; making the last ‘lock and also crucial’ to maintaining your data & service far from walking away.

Shield your organization today with. Start firmly bringing your home listings as well as organization online with us today!

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