Simple and easy guide go renting a service apartment in Bangkok

What are the very best locations of Bangkok to rent? What facilities and services can I anticipate from a Bangkok serviced apartment or condo? What are the very best and worst serviced houses in Bangkok? Keep reading to learn the responses to these concerns and far more in my easy and easy guide to renting a serviced apartment or condo in Bangkok for both tourists and expats.

Bangkok is the Center of Southeast Asia

As the mall of Thailand and the hub of business and leisure travel within Southeast Asia, Bangkok has exceptional hotels of all kinds catering to the business elite and casual traveler.

Recently, a brand-new type of accommodation has actually gained favor with business executives on brief stays in Bangkok– the high-end serviced apartment. With increased commercial growth over the previous several years, serviced houses are rapidly ending up being the preferred choice of living design for their affordable high-end.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

The serviced part of the equation generally refers to the twice or daily weekly cleansing of your space, the furniture, kitchen area features and so on that normal homes do not include. Some service homes also function as hotels, and these are called Aparthotels.

What’s So Special About Bangkok Serviced Apartments?

Real estate and moving agents believe Bangkok has the most variety of advanced houses the world has to use. There are not just one or two glamorous houses, but close to 50. This is since experienced labor is inexpensive in Thailand, and the city itself is a significant organization center for the southeast Asia region.

Leasing a serviced house in bangkok can be a complicated job for numerous reasons– the main one being there are many ‘small print’ and extra costs involved when signing a weekly, yearly or regular monthly agreement.

I have been living in Bangkok for a few years now, and have actually gone through several serviced houses, finding out en route which ‘services’ are included and what to get out of your remain in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s City Plan

The Bangkok Jungle has several meanings, one of them being that the city was never constructed with a city plan or metropolitan style in mind. The city is a vast landscape, a montage of industrial and domestic buildings juxtaposing one another.

The city itself is lopsided; if you look down any major roadway in bangkok, you will see that both sides of the road aren’t stabilized, developing heights are different, and there is a general absence of balance. This is what makes Bangkok captivating and distinct. And what makes it a jungle.

The Best Areas To Live In Bangkok

Bangkok includes inexpensive to unique houses, but the very best ones are found in the following areas of Bangkok:

  • Sukhumvit, the primary road or artery of Bangkok
  • Asok, among the most unique and pricey areas to live
  • Thong Lo, the stylish and elegant street,
  • Sathorn, the business district of Bangkok
  • Silom, another service and red light district
  • Ploenchit, enterprise zone
  • Chit Lom, downtown
Bangkok City View – Dawn Approaching

The areas listed above are all within simple access to shopping, dining, home entertainment, skytrains, trains, and expressways. If you pick to live in among these locations, you will experience life in the center of Bangkok’s flourishing organization and shopping centers while enjoying an ultra private serviced apartment or condo in Bangkok. I personally advise Asok and Chit Lom, as they are the classiest areas of Bangkok, however if you are looking to be close to the night markets Silom is ideal, and Sukhumvit is constantly a colorful experience.

Facilities and Services of Typical Bangkok Serviced Apartments

These differ in between the various kinds of apartments and apartments, but a requirement of quality has been establlished from the increasing competition among serviced houses. Facilities and services are upgraded frequently to keep up with rival houses. Nevertheless, before investing in a serviced house, make certain to check if these facilities and services are readily available.

5 Services That Should Be Included Free of Charge:

  • Room Cleaning
  • Water/Utilities
  • Internet Usage
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Room Service/Errand Boy

4 Facilities That Should Be Included

  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Convenience Store

The Loopholes: Length of Stay, Deposits and Electricity

If you are remaining for a month or year, the serviced apartment or condo may charge you for electrical power. A lot of times the home owners will charge 8 Baht/Unit for more revenue.

Be careful when signing leases; most need a 2 month deposit, and if you vacate before your agreement is finished you surrender this deposit.

Make sure the serviced house has a laundry service, either in home or out of house. Most serviced apartments have coin ran laundry rooms as well as select up services.

How much Should I Pay?

This is a hard question to address, but the more centers a serviced house has, the more it will cost. If a serviced apartment or condo has a pool, gym and likewise works as a 24 hour hotel, then the monthly price will be above 30,000 Baht.

Area also has a big part to do with expense of a bangkok serviced apartment or condo. If you are staying in a location not near skytrain or subway gain access to, your rate will be much lower. Conversely, remaining in business districts of Silom or fashionable spots like Ekkamai or Thonglor will raise your monthly rent.

Which Serviced Apartment Should I Choose?

The serviced home market in Bangkok is lead by three groups, The President Group, The Ascott Group, and Centre Point. The majority of them offer very first class accomodation and have a decent system of serving their clients. However, there are numerous independent serviced homes to select from.

The 2 Worst Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

  • Ascott Bangkok Sathorn

Once famous, there have actually been numerous posts written in trade journals about the decrease in service at the

What centers and services can I anticipate from a Bangkok serviced apartment? If you select to live in one of these areas, you will experience life in the center of Bangkok’s successful organization and shopping centres while indulging in an ultra personal serviced house in Bangkok. Prior to investing in a serviced apartment or condo, be sure to examine if these facilities and services are available.

Make sure the serviced home has a laundry service, either in home or out of home. Most serviced apartment or condos have coin operated laundry rooms as well as select up services. If you’d like to search the serviced apartments using our own exclusive portal, then Click here. We offer both short term and long term lease options.

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