ThaiMax Property – A New Real Estate Platform

If there’s any real estate broker, condo broker or any real estate agent who’s looking for a great platform to help increase your chances of generating 100% sales and profits with no deductions then keep reading to discover what this game changer is. Today we will introduce you to “ThaiMax Property”, a new real estate agency that offers a revolutionary platform. It comes with special packages that has many options and especially with “3D Virtual Reality” tech, which can impress customers and help them make a purchasing decision more easily than ever.

Introducing ThaiMax Property, a new real estate agency with a very impressive platform.

ThaiMax Property is rapidly gaining popularity among real estate agents, condo-sales-agent and all types of real estate agents. Its membership benefits are very helpful. Anyone can have a 30-day free trial and see the benefits it offers!!! You can also search for their featured properties like houses or condos.

ThaiMax has developed this platform to act as a brokerage system between agents and buyers. Everyone can get access to a wider variety of properties; and most importantly, this platform is easy to use, convenient and fast which saves your both money and time.

If you don’t want to miss out on great deals, then sign up today and ThaiMax Property will help you get the best deal you have been looking for!

As a new real estate agent platform, with different packages to choose from. This ranges from a 30-day free trial period to their paid packages. They are very affordable and anyone can use the service to the fullest, even landlords and homeowners. They have hundreds of investments coming in every week, so why not sign up today and find out by yourselves!

  1. Free Trial Package for 30 days!

For a free trial starter package, you don’t have to spend a single penny!!! You can use it up to 30 days to learn how to use the basic tools correctly and search for your favorite properties as well.

  1. Starter Package with monthly 499 Baht (contract: 12 months or 1 year at 15% discount)

The starter package will cost you up to 100 real estate listings with CRM and basic tools to use on the website.

  1. Pro Package with monthly 1,499 Baht (contract: 12 months or 1 year at 15% discount)

This package allows you to post up to 500 properties, comes with basic tools, CRM, and SEO Focus Tags, which increases the opportunity to reach more target groups as well.

  1. Premium Package with monthly 2,399 Baht (contract: 12 months or 1 year at 15% discount)

This is a “premium” monthly package is worth trying because you can upload your properties up to 1000!!! Besides, you can have 50 featured listings, CRM analytics and SEO Focus Tags, and descriptions in Thai for easier access.

ThaiMax offers their 360 virtual capture add-on service that creates sales opportunities.

As previously mentioned, ThaiMax Property is an interesting platform for real estate professionals because it has a membership system that is easy to use, and allows the subscribers to showcase their listings. Lastly, what’s even more special is the fact that they offer the 3D virtual capture service with the Matterport app to increase the attractiveness of houses, condos and buildings so that they stand out even more. When customers click and watch the 3D virtual presentation, they will feel like they are physically exploring the place by themselves, which gives them a completely different feeling from regular images. Thus, all of these options can persuade and attract buyers which will create more chances of getting a great deal!

Whether you are a real estate agent, condo sales agent or any type of real estate business, when you apply for membership with ThaiMax Property, you will find many special platform enhancements that are just waiting to be explored! No fees or percentages are charged to members upon the successful closing of a sale. You get 100% money from selling your real estate. Just get your monthly subscription to manage all of your listings and find many great deals on the website. Don’t miss out!

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