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Landscape designers play a crucial function in the advancement of cities all over the world. Thailand has also contributed qualified landscape designers to the world. Landscape designers in Thailand provide important styles and prepare for different work settings. Landscape architecture in Thailand has been acknowledged as a unique profession, just like medicine, engineering etc..


Those who want to practice as landscape architects in Thailand need to finish with a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and approved by the ministry of university affairs. There are around 100 brand-new landscape designers in Thailand every year.

More than 80 freelance landscape architects are working in private firms, while other architects go with international landscape companies.

Landscape Architect

Thailand has also contributed qualified landscape designers to the world. Landscape designers in Thailand provide valuable designs and plans for numerous work settings. Those who desire to practice as landscape architect in Thailand needs to finish the bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture approved by the ministry of University affairs.

Thai association of landscape designers plays an important function in developing acceptable expert requirements in the field of landscape architecture. Thailand landscape designers engage in some mega projects like designing highways, mass transit systems, airport design, and several renovation jobs all over Thailand. The large-scale projects like Royal Flora exposition in Chiangmai and Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International airport are ideal examples of landscape architecture making big strides in Thailand.

Council of architects

The council of Architects is a unique type of private organization which works under the Ministry of Interior and is responsible for regularizing 4 environment related occupation consisting of landscape architecture. Landscape architects only occupy 15% of the overall environment associated profession in Thailand.

The council of architects issues licenses to Thailand landscape designers based on 3 E ideas. The interview is composed of examinations, which is likewise needed as an entry-level landscape architect.

Though there is just small portion of landscape designers in Thailand, they provide important services for the city development of the nation. A couple of the well-known Thailand landscape designers are highlighted below.

Somwang Leevanijkul is the Deputy President of Thai landscape architect and he is the Managing Director of Belt Collins International co. ltd, Thailand. He has tremendous experience on landscape master preparation and varied landscape design jobs. He uses numerous landscape design plans to produce numerous projects throughout Thailand and abroad.

His services consist of hotel styles, resorts, educational institutions, sports, recreation, industrial and residential style strategies. He works both for private and Government sector. He has supplied innovative landscape style prepare for Thai University school.

M.R. Chanvudhi Varavam is another famous landscape architect in Thailand who takes part in numerous landscape design and planning projects. We are proud to know of Thailand’s reputation in landscape architecture. We all know how important it is to have these architects design the right kind of landscape.

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